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Gharonda builders arrested Central Crime Station

Central Crime Station police had arrested the CEO of Gharonda builders and devolpment Sunil Sachdev on wednesday as he was involved in several cheating cases.
According to the report given by CCS detective Avinash Mahanti there was an Apartment in Secunderabad which belongs to Sunil Sachdev. The flats of the building were kept for sale. Recently, Sripathi Srihari’s wife, who lives in mumbai had purchased the flat and gave an amount of 18 lakhs 75 thousand 2 hundred and 68 rupees to Sunil Sachdev and came to an agreement that sunil would give 401,1581 square feet area and a parking place for her.Later Srihari’s wife was having some trouble regarding the flat and the parking area. She pleaded sunil to return the money back to which he did not agree. Then Srihari had informed the situation to the CCS police station. That is why Police arrested Sunil Sachdev.


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